Sunday, 15 January 2012

My Sunday in Pictures

Revision = my sad

Tried to tidy my room today...failed

Old photo I found of the Christmas cakes my friends made for me, yum! :)

Does't my Sunday sound fabby? (Don't answer that.) My next week will be exactly the same - schoolwork and revision, and I need to get my room tidy for next Monday (that'd be a miracle.) Monday 23rd is Chinese New Year and I'll be spending the night at my grans - eating, drinking and being merry...all I can say is roll on the 23rd...

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Epiphannie A said...

I'm loving how big your room is and the comfy chair . . . .and I also love that I've finally found a blogger with a room messier than mine loool

I feel so much better at the state of my room now lool