Sunday, 18 September 2011

D is for Damage Control

Continuing my alphabet nail art, D is for Damage Control. My nails have been painted for the whole summer and I swear I could hear them screaming for oxygen and some good ol' TLC. So I took off my nail varnish and haven't worn it for two weeks, and today I've painted on some clear strengthening polish. And yes I'm also wondering why I bothered to take a photo of these nails :')

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Today is my last day of summer holidays *sob* and looking back over my summer, I think it's been a pretty good one. It's consisted of Copenhagen, Cornwall, NHS Work Experience, GCSE results, slumbers, parties and a fair amount of sun :) And I'm actually looking forward to school...



Look at the weird mini roll on the right!

Also after being inspired by some of the pastries in Copenhagen, I tried to make cinnamon rolls...note the word tried. How people bake these things and make them stay in neat little rolls I'll never know! Despite their messy  artistic appearance, they taste good and that's all that matters, hey?

Finally I watched a programme the other night called Jig: The Great Irish Dance Off which was a documentary following some children and teenagers on their journey at the World Irish Dancing Championships. It sounds boring but the amount of dedication, hard work and passion these children, some only 8 years old, put into their dancing is overwhelming, and it's well worth watching.

I'm off to hunt for my uniform and my locker key, have a good week guys x

Monday, 5 September 2011

Cornwall: Sea, Sand, Sun and Chips

For a week at the beginning of the summer, the family and I went camping in Cornwall. We stayed in Camelford, which was lovely. We went to the beach, visited little towns and villages, went to some National Trust places, and ate ALOT of fish and chips...

The Harbour

St Arthur's Cliffs

We drove past a car boot sale near Polperro and decided to stop and take a look. I didn't buy anything but my dad bought alot of books and my mum and little sister bought some strange and random things, but there were alot of vintage cars and camper vans on display and this was one of fab is it?! :)

Some random steps :)
 We also went to a National Trust place called Antony which is where they filmed the first few scenes of Alice in Wonderland! They had a few exhibits on the film which were closed when we were there but we went to the Story Circle, and to the Rabbit Hole Slide.

Story Circle Chair

Me on the slide
 I do have some hilarious and pretty embarrassing photos of my mum and Sophie on the slide but knowing they both look at my blog sometimes and knowing they're both very scary when angry, I think I'll leave those photos out...

Alice in Wonderland Cup (Look at the Cheshire Cat! )

We did take many more photos than this over the week...but these were the only ones I could find on the computer at the moment :)