Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekly Want-it: Craving Autumn

* Nail Varnish  - Avon - £3.50 * Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Company - £84 * Sunglasses - Topman - £7 * Sunglasses - Topshop - £16 * Hat - New Look - £9.99 * Satchel - Topman - £30 *
 1) My best friend Kiera has recently become a representative of Avon and so she gave me a brochure and I saw this nail varnish in it...and I've wanted a dark green nail varnish for ages! Coincidence or what?!

2) I'm drooling over satchels at the moment...and a Cambridge Satchel is just the cream of the crop...sadly I don't have £84 to spend on a satchel :(

3 & 4) Because they're a novelty to me and John Lennon wore them so well :)

5) I've never considered myself a hat person, I just think they don't really suit me much but lately I was told I looked good in a hat so... and also what better way to cover up a bad hair day?

6) Yet another satchel...and it's dark green...want want want!

Now that I look back on this Want-it, I realise that there isn't any bright colour there...but like many other bloggers, I think I'm over the bright colours of summer and I'm ready for the blacks, marroons, browns, rustic oranges and greens of autumn...I'm even quite looking forward to starting the new school year! Shock horror! :O

Anyways, I'm off to said friend Kiera's for a sleepover, then a day in Southport on Saturday and the family and I are going out for a meal to celebrate mine and my sister's exam results, so I hope you have a good weekend guys! x


Katie said...

i want that hat! it looks like the perfect amount of floppy

--instead of an elephant

Kel said...

I've also decided that regardless of season, I need a Cambridge satchel too!

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

talking blogger bullying

Sophie - Country girl said...

love the 2 satchels, I wish I owned one!

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Oooo dark green nail varnish sounds lovely :D

Hannah said...

I really want a Cambridge Satchel too, they're so classic

Bow Dream Nation xx