Friday, 29 July 2011


This post is ALL about food! My cousins are coming to stay this weekend so me and Sophie have been baking/cooking! I made a fish pie and oaty raisin cookies and Sophie made chocolate cakes with melted chocolate in the middle, they're soo good! Damn, there goes my diet...

Fish pie



Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tea for two...

My mum got me this fab teapot and cup today! I've been wanting one of these for so long! As you well know, I love tea and anything tea-related! I already own a circus teapot and have always thought that these teapot-in-a-cup styles were so cute! And to top it all off, it's got a cheesy (but true) saying printed on it, what more can a girl want? ;)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

B is for Bumblebee

                                                  Right hand

                                  Left hand (Copied from Internet picture)

                    Hope you're all having a lovely day in this sunny weather! x

Plaits & Braids

I admit it, plaits are my new obsession! All the past week I've been wearing my hair kind of like the first picture (minus the ribbon) and I so want to learn how to do a proper fishtail plait/french plait! Watch this space!

P.S. Pictures of Cornwall and my new nails are to come, I promise :)

Monday, 18 July 2011

A is for Apple

Recently I've become addicted to nail art and I've trawled the Internet looking at blogs and tumblrs! That's why I've decided that, over the summer, I'm going to do an A-Z of nail art, starting with A for Apple (I know, aren't I original? lol jk) I apologise for the messiness and the crappy webcam photos btw.

OOTD: In bloom...

Top: Charity shop £3.49 (originally New Look)
Jeans: Hong Kong
Necklace: Primark £1

Just taking a quick break from packing to show you my outfit from today, I bought this top in Burnley on Thursday and even though I have a phobia of buttons, I love it! I also bought this watering can necklace and the Coca Cola tin! :D

Being a HP nerd, I had to show you my Harry Potter 3D glasses from the cinema on Friday! Ignore the poses/strange faces, and finally my little sister asked if I'd take a picture of her new dress and shoes which she's really proud of, isn't she a cutie?

Anyways I'm off to Cornwall for a week, so have a good week guys! x

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived

Saw the last film on Friday, and of course I cried. Sat here wearing my HP glasses with a scar and the Deathly Hallows sign drawn on me, devastated that this is the end. I'm going to go and read the books to console myself. Also just lol at the last picture :')

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We are St Marys College, and this is what we do!

Sorry guys, I know I've been an awful blogger the past week! I've been signing in to read posts but I just couldn't be bothered to do a post of my own! Even when I have so much to blog about right now! But now that I'm officially off school for the summer (YAY!) I have no excuse not to publish posts...

Well I've had no time this week, due to music rehearsals, my little sister's prize day (where she played in the band, it was awful!), Proms in the Park on Saturday night and going out with my boyfriend to Crosby Carnival on Sunday before he goes away to America for 3 weeks! :'(

Also on Thursday it was our school sportsday, I came second in the 1500m! And then it hailed and poured it down, so everybody ran into the changing rooms! I stayed at my friend Ker's that night, cause my family were all away and she's been going through a rough time at the moment, and had a few life-changing problems but tis all okay now :)

Instead of me writing alot, I'll show you my week in pictures, seeing as I finally got off my lazy arse, found the camera and took some photos for once...

Mug I got for my friend Katie's birthday (she fell off her bike last summer and broke her arm)

Bought this on Monday for £5 from Primark

Primark £1

Primark £1.50

MUA Superdrug £1
Superdrug beautycard

Couldn't resist...

Free Cath Kidston bag from a magazine

Blue and pink nails...they make me think of babies!

Just finished reading it

Sophie's Year 6 Leavers Mass

Delilah the Dolphin! Won at Crosby Carnival by Ben

Proms in the Park!

Proms in the Park
Just found my B.B. King album! :D

Mini cakes that Anna made for Helly's birthday!

Some little first year, as I'm childish I find this hilarious...

Rupert Grint, you babe

Btw the title is a quote from my music teacher Mr Byers who said it to the crowd before we started our final piece. He said it, and then turned around and mouthed 'Why the hell did I just say that?!' to us! But the concert was a hugeeee success and was amazing!