Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Weekly want-it: I'd like to feel I'm growing up...

* Lace Top - £3.99 - H&M (Black and Pink) * Limited Edition Lace Dress - £30 - Primark * Raspberry 3/4 Sleeve Shrunken Blazer - £55 - Topshop * Polka Dot Sandals - £310 - Miu  Miu *

1 +2) Okay so I have two pictures of the same top, but in different colours and I know that when I finally finish my exams I'm going to go shopping...I'm practically counting down the days. This will be one of the first things that I'll buy. I've been loving the lace trend for a while now but don't actually own anything made of lace (though I almost bought a lace bodysuit).

3) Yet another lace item AND...it's from Primark! :O I personally think it's a gorgeous dress but that's just a picture to be fair. In real life and up close it might be made of poor quality fabric so I'll check that out and tell you guys...

4) I want a blazer really badly! I was going to buy a black one from H&M but it sold out so I'm thinking why not buy a coloured one? I love the way everybody is whipping out coloured blazers nowadays...though I might hunt around for a green one...

5) Yes I know, Miu Miu heels...for £310...I can dream, can't I?

Had my Biology exam today, didn't go too badly, except the awkward question at the end about vaginal rings o.O I mean seriously?! Who wrote this paper?! Spent the evening on the laptop and catching up on recorded TV...and I watched the film Red which was great and I definitely recommend. Anyway it's late and if I'm late for school AGAIN I think my teacher might actually kill me, night x

Also check out the Mozzypop giveaway which has some fantastic prizes and is definitely worth entering! http://www.mozzypop.com/2011/06/june-giveaway.html

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