Saturday, 25 June 2011

Say hello to duck satchel

Hey everybody! I was meant to be going to the beach today but the weather is all grey and murky so Ben and I are going to town instead to look for birthday presents for Katie. As you can tell, I'm dressed for comfort and warmth! I got this top from New Look a few years ago and I still love it! Also I painted my nail last night with Barry M Berry, sorry the terrible photo I tried to take of it!

Now the piece de resistance, my duck satchel! I bought this in Ladies Market last October in Hong Kong for $80 (about £7) and I'm actually in love with it! I use it for practically everything and it's literally always stuck to my arm! Be prepared to see alot of it this summer! Now I'm off out, have a great weekend! x


mia said...

such a cute satchel! I love ducks :)Stuff bought from abroad is always the coolest!

Anonymous said...

I love your neerds need love t-shirt.
Maybe we can follow each other?

Sarah said...

Your duck satchel is so cute, £7 is such a bargain too, I adore it! I love your tee as well!


Anonymous said...

Love your t-shirt and the satchel, can't believe it was £7, if you go again you should bring loads back haha, they'd sell for loads more over here xxx

oomph. said...

that's a really cute bag!
great find!