Sunday, 5 June 2011


Spent the day trying and failing to do past papers for Biology as my exam's on Tuesday, eek! Can't wait until it's over! Anyway somehow I ended up on Facebook and - I have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!

I watched the Britain's Got Talent final this morning, yay that Jai won! I didn't want Ronan to win...I didn't really think he deserved it as much, and he always crys after singing, what is with that?! I did love Stephen Hall, Paul Gbegbaje and Jean Martyn though! :)

Just seen this on a fashion website - neon underwear designed by a former tennis player! Comedy gold :) They're from Selfridges, just so you guys know.

I'm off to attempt to do more revision and listen to BBC Radio 1, bye! x

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Melanie said...

Now this is my kind of underwear, neon x big knickers ;) haha!

I've got a giveaway worth £45 running over at my blog which you are more than welcome to enter :)