Thursday, 23 June 2011

Home sweet home



Me and my mum outside the hotel

Geraldine with the two cakes

Pat and Edward

Me, Rennie and Eman putting strawberries on the cheesecake

The concentration on Rennie's face!

Hey all! I got back from Bath this evening after a lovely few days with my extended family. Sorry about the very photo heavy post :)

We stopped in Tewkesbury on our way there and bought some cherries, omnomnom. I seriously recommend visiting Bath, there are so many beautiful buildings and it's such a lovely place. On the first night we went to my aunt Geraldine's house for dinner and we had two cakes as it was my Great Uncle Edward's birthday and my Great Aunt Pat's last month. My cousin Rennie baked a cheesecake which was soo delicious I had it for breakfast the next morning!

On Wednesday everybody decided they wanted to go to Stonehenge. It was raining buckets and was practically hailing but we all drove two hours to Stonehenge (with a stop for jacket potatoes at a cafe along the way). I have to be honest, I was slightly disappointed by Stonehenge, I know I probably shouldn't say that as it's a great English momument and all, but it wasn't very interesting...

After we went to a pub in Widcombe for dinner. It was quite a quiet pub and we were definitely the rowdiest group there! Because my family is so big and is spread out all around the world, we don't see each other alot, but when we do we make the most of it! We started playing Chinese drinking games and my great aunts and my gran all started singing, I'm sure my cousin videoed it so I'll have to show you guys! It was hilarious!

Finally I bought these brogues from a little shop in Bath called The Bootmaker for £20 which I was pleased with. I'm quite a tomboy when it comes to shoes as I practically live in Converse and flipflops but be prepared to see these shoes alot in the next few months! Anyway it's late and I have school tomorrow *sigh* so goodnight! x


mia said...

Aw, your photos (and the cheesecake!) look great :)

Natalie said...

Love the brogues! Looks like you had a lovely time x