Thursday, 16 June 2011

£9.99 - H&M

£25 - Topshop

£5 - New Look

£12.99 - New Look

£16.99 - New Look

£6.99 - New Look

£3.99 - H&M
£20 - Topshop

Well I was looking through my wardrobe the other day and I was thinking I really would like to buy some new tops as most of the ones I own at the moment are quite old now and one or two are falling apart slightly (oh dear) so I had a look at some websites and these were a few I liked. I might even buy one or two of them, especially the palm tree H&M top. Also as for the orange tied New Look one, as nice as it is, I think I'd rather buy a baggy cheaper tshirt from a charity shop and cut it down, does anyone else do that?

Also good times, I found my My Chemical Romance CD the other day! It was underneath my bed (a clear sign I should tidy my room more) so I've had that on repeat alot today. This is one of my favourites and I've actually cried listening to it before.


cowbiscuits. said...

I love the first top! x

mia said...

Hello! Thanks for following my blog :) These tops/outfits are so cute and summery - definitely invest in one!

Bethan said...

Thanks for following back! Yeah, I'm definitely going shopping when I can!x

AlbeeLucky said...

really cute tops. I like the color and ruffles of the first one and the shirt w/the mini floral print all over it. The baggy tied T is something I have been seeing a lot of at the stores. I would go your way and thrift the look :)
Thanks for following me and commenting, I appreciate the support. I'm more than happy to follow right back. (sorry so long winded)

ellie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! This is a darling round up of summer clothes!

Marissa Joy said...

Love that first top! Thanks for your comment-following you!

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