Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Weekly Want-it

* Medusa Ring - £69 - Mimco * Ladies Flare Prom Dress - £14 - Peacocks * Knife Pleat dress - £70 - Oasis * Ladies 'Race For Life' T-shirt - £8 - Peacocks *

1) So I'm a sucker for rings...sadly this one is way too expensive for me! But I saw it and it reminded me of this wierd poem we did in English a while back (where we had to analyse it for weeks *eyeroll*) anyway this summer, after my exams are over, (yay!) I'm going to expand my ring and necklace collection so watch this space!

2)  I've got another dress shaped like this...but it's mostly a winter dress I think (I'll do an outfit post on it soon) so a summer one would be nice :)

3) I wish I had a prom to go to...but my school doesn't even do one in Year 11, we have a mass instead :| no joke. Anyway I've been loving the colour nude at the moment, I just think it suits all skin tones so I might go shopping soon and buy something nude...not this though, it's far too expensive...

4) My best friend Lucy's nan died of breast cancer a few years ago and so I've decided that I want to run the 'Race for Life' next year (even though I'm shockingly unfit) to raise money and just in Lucy's nans memory 

And that's all from me, I'm off to watch the recording of 'The Apprentice' and eat chips with Sophie, have a good week!x

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