Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Weekly Want-it: New Look and Accessorize

* Brown Lace Up Brogues - New Look - £15 * Enamel Bicycle Long Pendant Necklace - Accessorize - £10 * Nails in Hide and Seek - Topshop - £5 * An Apple A Day Plastic Ring - Accessorize - £5 * Scatter Rose Bra - New Look - £4.99 * Boxy Stitch Jumper - New Look - £6 *

This is my first Weekly Want-it! Yay! This week I've been lusting after many things, and it's been mostly New Look and Accessorize. I think I might have to head into town at the weekend so I can buy some of this lovely stuff!

1) I really like the whole masculine influence in women's fashion that is going on at the moment. Brogues, loafers, hats, cropped pants are all on trend right now and are all easy to pull off. I've got a pair of black brogues for school so I want a brown pair for casual wear.These also come in grey and are in the sale, what more could you ask for?

2) I have a confession to make...I have an obsession with pendant necklaces! I have so many and they're all in different shapes, like I've got an elephant, a strawberry and a turtle. One day I'll do a post on them for you guys. But anyway, I think this bicycle necklace is lovely and it seems very summery to me. Maybe because I like riding my bike along the promenade by the beach in the summer? I don't know. It seems abit pricey at £10 though but very worth it...

3) My friend Lucy was wearing a colour similar to this on her nails last week and I thought to myelf  'I might get some of that' so after searching on the internet for awhile I found this on the Topshop website. There are also many other nice colours in the Topshop nail range which I'll review and see if they're any good.

4) Aswell as an obsession for pendant neckaces I'm starting to get an obsession for rings...like this apple one from Accessorize. I think out of all these Want-its, this is the one I want the most! It's so cool and very relevant for me as I'm an apple addict!

5) Pretty bras at a low price can be fairly hard to come by and I love this one from New Look! It just screams summer to me, and there's an offer of  '2 for £8' on some of the bras at New Look, yay!

6) Love the colour of this jumper, the pinky/coral shade that is popular at the moment is drawing me in! It's got a slight crop to it aswell making it perfect for summer nights. I could just imagine wearing it with some light jean shorts and those brown brogues! And at £6 in the sale, what's there to complain about?

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Jay said...

Love the apple ring! + the bicycle necklace ;)