Sunday, 22 May 2011

Runaway baby

Please excuse my messy hair!

I'm not sure why this picture is so orange :') but ignore the apple sticker on my arm!

Didn't really do anything today but I've finished my biology and chemistry notes and I've started on physics! :D which considering my exams are 2 weeks away is unusually organised for me...
I was meant to be going to town (Liverpool) with a friend this Saturday but that didnt happen so I decided to go to some charity shops with my mum but that didn't happen either! and then my little sister had a sleepover last night...where her and her friends were wierdly quiet...

Anyway I'm wearing my Primark cherry top which you've seen before..and some jeans that I got in Hong Kong, I'm not really sure about them to be honest, I don't really think they suit me but I wear them anyway :')

I lost one of my favourite bracelets that my friend Mikey gave me on Friday so my mum bought me some similar ones when she went shopping today, what a babe! :)

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