Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hong Kong...oh how I miss you...

T-shirt: $5 from a market in Hong Kong
Skirt: Primark £4
Bag: Primark £7

I went to Hong Kong last October and I'm really missing it right now. I really want to go back! It's where my mum grew up and I have to say, I'm slightly jealous of her for that, it looks like a great place to live/grow up. In the last picture I'm holding my postcard which lives on the wall above my bed. It's a postcard of the Light Show in Kowloon which is amazing!

Anyway I was pining so I decided to wear my ' I <3 HK' t-shirt which I got from Ladies Market for about $5. It makes me feel all different when I see people in 'I <3 NY' tops and I'm in my HK one! I paired it with a black floral skirt from Primark and a red satchel from Primark which I'm in love with right now, even though it's slightly too small to hold much!

Also I thought I'd be all trendy and do something different with my hair so I put it in my regular ponytail and added a red ribbon which feels strange when I move my head to be honest. Shame it's too wet and miserable outside for me to actually go out wearing this...

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Jay said...

Awesome top :)