Sunday, 15 May 2011

El fin de semana pasado

Hey, so sorry that I haven't posted all week! I've been busy (unusual for me) with schoolwork and after school music practice as my school want to do a firework concert in a nearby field this summer and it has to be good as a mystery donater has donated about £15000 towards it! On Wednesday night I went to the school dance show (and got in for free, yeees), the theme was 'Alpha-Dance' and they did a dance for every letter in the alphabet! My friend Laura did H for Hip Hop with Jess and her little sister Tink and it was amazing! And on Friday I went to my little sister's primary school to watch her '1940's Fashion Show', which considering they made some of the costumes themselves and they're only about 10 or 11, was very good!

Sophie on the catwalk (shes the one on the right)
Sophie in 1940's Glamour :) thats my dress btw!
Yay, free body butter from Times Style Magazine

This is what my weekend has consisted of: homework and revison

Got so bored of revison I drew the Go Compare man on my stomach
My mum got home from Copenhagen today, I walked into my room and she'd got me these and arranged them on my bed

Coffee and tea <3

Coca-cola postcards, these are definitely going on my wall!

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