Tuesday, 31 May 2011

If I was a rich man...

Limited Edition Kaleidoscope Satchel £114-136 from Zatchels
Those moments when you wish money grew on trees...I want this bag so much! But alas I don't have that amount of money to spend on a bag...ah well. Hopefully I'll find something similar on the high street :(

Saturday, 28 May 2011

There's a fire starting in my heart...

Dress: Tesco £8
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Belt and bag: Primark

First day of my half term so I went to town with a friend to watch the Hangover 2 which was really good, not as good as the first but still prretty funny, I'd recommend it. I wore this dress from Tesco (£8) and some tights which Lucy got me for my birthday aswell as my red Primark bag. Last night I painted my nails with Barry M Lemon and then the Instant Nail Effects. Sorry I couldn't get a good picture of my nails, I think the camera's gone funny! But I found a picture on the internet of it so you guys can see what it looks like! Anyway I'm off to watch So You Think You Can Dance, why is Saturday night tv so rubbish but addictive?!

Btw the title refers to a woman on the train who was singing this song really loudly and out of tune, was hilarious :')

Friday, 27 May 2011

Alice and the White Rabbit Locket Necklace - £32

All Mad In Here Teacup Charm Necklace - £28
Just a quick post as to be honest, I'm really not in a good mood tonight. I think the realisation that my exams are very soon and a fight I'm having with a friend have just put me in a really bad mood. But anyway I saw a website on another blog and so I went on it and saw these two gems! And I think I fell in love instantly.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Weekly Want-it

* Medusa Ring - £69 - Mimco * Ladies Flare Prom Dress - £14 - Peacocks * Knife Pleat dress - £70 - Oasis * Ladies 'Race For Life' T-shirt - £8 - Peacocks *

1) So I'm a sucker for rings...sadly this one is way too expensive for me! But I saw it and it reminded me of this wierd poem we did in English a while back (where we had to analyse it for weeks *eyeroll*) anyway this summer, after my exams are over, (yay!) I'm going to expand my ring and necklace collection so watch this space!

2)  I've got another dress shaped like this...but it's mostly a winter dress I think (I'll do an outfit post on it soon) so a summer one would be nice :)

3) I wish I had a prom to go to...but my school doesn't even do one in Year 11, we have a mass instead :| no joke. Anyway I've been loving the colour nude at the moment, I just think it suits all skin tones so I might go shopping soon and buy something nude...not this though, it's far too expensive...

4) My best friend Lucy's nan died of breast cancer a few years ago and so I've decided that I want to run the 'Race for Life' next year (even though I'm shockingly unfit) to raise money and just in Lucy's nans memory 

And that's all from me, I'm off to watch the recording of 'The Apprentice' and eat chips with Sophie, have a good week!x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Runaway baby

Please excuse my messy hair!

I'm not sure why this picture is so orange :') but ignore the apple sticker on my arm!

Didn't really do anything today but I've finished my biology and chemistry notes and I've started on physics! :D which considering my exams are 2 weeks away is unusually organised for me...
I was meant to be going to town (Liverpool) with a friend this Saturday but that didnt happen so I decided to go to some charity shops with my mum but that didn't happen either! and then my little sister had a sleepover last night...where her and her friends were wierdly quiet...

Anyway I'm wearing my Primark cherry top which you've seen before..and some jeans that I got in Hong Kong, I'm not really sure about them to be honest, I don't really think they suit me but I wear them anyway :')

I lost one of my favourite bracelets that my friend Mikey gave me on Friday so my mum bought me some similar ones when she went shopping today, what a babe! :)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Weekly Want-it

*Barry M Nail Varnish - Peach Melba - £2.99 * Bird necklace - H&M - £5.99 * Cherry Print Fifties Sundress - Topshop - £36 * Pink Print Chelsea Girl Dungarees - River Island - £35 * Seagull scarf - H&M - £1.99

I'm seriously considering doing some serious shopping soon! but I think I'll have to wait until after I've done my GCSE exams which are (as my friend told me before) 20 days away :( I guess I should go do some revision...

1) Yes Barry M! I find they are the best nail polish, especially for me as I chip my nail polish off all the time, oops!

2) This necklace is just awesome and it screams summer at me, yes please!

3) Although I really like this cherry print dress from Topshop I'm not sure if I have enough money to buy it so I might have a little dig around some charity shops this weekend and see if I can find anything similar but at a cheaper price

4) Dungarees! yay! even though they're uber childish and not very flattering at all! they're so pretty and as a tomboy, I have to admit I really want them!

5) To tie my hair up with! I have veery long hair but I don't really do anything with it so I've decided to start wearing it in more styles and I might also get some of it cut off :O

Sunday, 15 May 2011

El fin de semana pasado

Hey, so sorry that I haven't posted all week! I've been busy (unusual for me) with schoolwork and after school music practice as my school want to do a firework concert in a nearby field this summer and it has to be good as a mystery donater has donated about £15000 towards it! On Wednesday night I went to the school dance show (and got in for free, yeees), the theme was 'Alpha-Dance' and they did a dance for every letter in the alphabet! My friend Laura did H for Hip Hop with Jess and her little sister Tink and it was amazing! And on Friday I went to my little sister's primary school to watch her '1940's Fashion Show', which considering they made some of the costumes themselves and they're only about 10 or 11, was very good!

Sophie on the catwalk (shes the one on the right)
Sophie in 1940's Glamour :) thats my dress btw!
Yay, free body butter from Times Style Magazine

This is what my weekend has consisted of: homework and revison

Got so bored of revison I drew the Go Compare man on my stomach
My mum got home from Copenhagen today, I walked into my room and she'd got me these and arranged them on my bed

Coffee and tea <3

Coca-cola postcards, these are definitely going on my wall!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Mr Men and Little Miss

I feel I've been riding in a fast car

Just a post to show you the two cars I've seen this week, the first one I saw when walking on my way home from school, and the second one I saw opposite my house. I took the picture out of my bedroom window! I can't wait until I can drive...which is sadly another two years away. But when I can I want a camper van like this...

Title stolen from 'Girls' by Marina and the Diamonds, which I'm listening to at the moment.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Video killed the radio star

Even though I have alot of homework/revision to do, I'm spending the day watching old videos with my little sister Sophie. I found all the old classics like 'The Flintstones' and 'Paddington Bear', yay! Sorry for this very short post, I just can't be bothered to take pictures of my clothes. Anyways I'm off to watch 'Winnie the Pooh', so adios! :)

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hong Kong...oh how I miss you...

T-shirt: $5 from a market in Hong Kong
Skirt: Primark £4
Bag: Primark £7

I went to Hong Kong last October and I'm really missing it right now. I really want to go back! It's where my mum grew up and I have to say, I'm slightly jealous of her for that, it looks like a great place to live/grow up. In the last picture I'm holding my postcard which lives on the wall above my bed. It's a postcard of the Light Show in Kowloon which is amazing!

Anyway I was pining so I decided to wear my ' I <3 HK' t-shirt which I got from Ladies Market for about $5. It makes me feel all different when I see people in 'I <3 NY' tops and I'm in my HK one! I paired it with a black floral skirt from Primark and a red satchel from Primark which I'm in love with right now, even though it's slightly too small to hold much!

Also I thought I'd be all trendy and do something different with my hair so I put it in my regular ponytail and added a red ribbon which feels strange when I move my head to be honest. Shame it's too wet and miserable outside for me to actually go out wearing this...